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We impart corporate trainings for companies of all sizes.

We have several years of training delivery management experience blended with a highly-experienced, process-driven & a dedicated team focused on Customer Satisfaction and Trainer Engagement.

Mentor Labs is the leader in designing, developing and deploying IT solutions to blue-chip organizations.
Mentor Labs offers a fully integrated solution that combines course content aligned with its client business objectives. Mentor Labs provides a compelling, results-oriented learning experience.
As Information Technology company, our vision is to be a one-stop shop for any IT service requirements, at a competitive price and within deadlines. We are committed to provide complete IT solutions for organizations worldwide.

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Corporate Training's

We give you an Upper Edge over competition.

Our certified and highly experienced professionals have been providing IT services in Internet, Distributed and Object Oriented Technologies to hundreds of software developers across a wide range of application areas. Passion for teaching and insights that come from a software development background are the strongest assets of our trainers.

Mentor Labs IT solutions are the most effective way to get your employees trained. Our solutions can include our existing off-the-shelf courseware, custom-tailored content, or anything in between. It will also tailor a training session to meet your particular needs based on your application area and staff experience.

Everything you need to learn is included in each Mentor Labs courses. You learn in a complete online environment, including lessons, quizzes, and exercises, with ongoing support from tutors. The wide range of courses includes: lectures, case studies, and hands-on live examples. Participants learn object-oriented technology concepts, design methods, techniques, and languages. This building block approach allows clients to take advantage of the extensive range of services and allows clients to complete application developments development projects successfully and on time – now and in the future.


Web Based Training

Many corporations have begun to make the move from instructor-led classroom training to Web-based training (WBT).

Companies that embrace web-based training reap the best of both worlds. They substantially reduce costs while simultaneously maximizing their employees’ learning potential. Web-based training is more closely related to in-person training – the instructors and learners involve in real-time interactions & both being online at same time, teaching and learning can occur in different places. The Web-based learning includes online tutoring, lectures, peer meetings, webinars, and teleconferencing. Training can be delivered to one or more learners at a time who may or may not be in different places.

  • Standardized training ensuring a uniform message across the corporation

  • Decreases time employees are away from their jobs

  • Training is more convenient for employees -- it is anytime, anywhere

  • Training is available to a larger audience

  • Cost Reduction on Participant travel expenses

  • Cost Reduction on Trainer travel costs

  • Cost Reduction on Classroom facilities costs

  • Cost Reduction on Packaging/distribution costs


E - Learning

Increase the productivity of the team, using the best Learning Solutions

The technology in terms of Hardware & Software is fast changing, the age old methods of Learning have been conquered by the latest technology, thus increased the productivity of the team. E-learning has evolved in different levels, from basic level to interactive level. Using the latest HTML5 technology we provide you with Video Based Training as well as interactive online sessions. The E-learning technology can be used across all industry verticals such as IT, Engineering, Medical, Manufacturing…

While elearning varies across a large spectrum, in general your elearning course is likely to fall into one of the following three types:

  1. 1. Text Based elearning
  2. In this level, the content is simple and includes text, graphics, some audio, and simple test questions. Compliance courses are a good example of text driven elearning that usually has one purpose or goal is to present the learning and quickly test on the content. The text driven course rarely has any interactive components, no gamification and images used sparingly. PowerPoint files converted to elearning often fall into this category.

  3. 2. Interactive Based elearning
  4. An interactive elearning course is very similar to a text driven one, with the exception that there has been more consideration placed on interactive components to enhance the learning. There is also a greater use of visuals in general (graphics, charts, diagrams), all of which are likely to have an interactive aspect. Unlike the text driven course, interactive courses also take advantage of additional media types, include videos.

  5. 3. Simulation Based elearning.
  6. Simulation elearning is highly interactive and relies heavily upon graphics, video, audio and some level of gamification. Importantly, there are often custom simulations to aid in learning acquisition, which could very well include 3D components. New software training is an example of a course that often includes a high degree of interactivity and simulations. It isn’t uncommon for these simulations to also be accompanied with some sort of controlled “test” environment. Elearning that is simulation heavy puts an emphasis on portraying concepts through various mediums, usually starting with text and graphics, with audio, and video examples. Afterwards, there is often a “try-it” mode where users can practice the new skills, potentially earning achievements or points along the way.

  • Text / HTML5 Based elearning Solutions

  • Video Based elearning Solutions

  • Animation Based elearning Solutions


Skill Management Consulting

" Skills Management " is the master strategy working to build your organization's success.

At Mentor Labs have the experience and expertise to determine the best way to execute this key strategic imperative . Through a proven methodology, we ensure your enterprise has the knowledge necessary to meeting its immediate and long-term objectives.

The Mentor Labs Skills Management Methodology:

Just as a grand chess master's strategy anticipates every possible scenario, Skills Management Methodology ensures your organization is always "ahead of the game". This powerful strategy ensures you have the actions in place to effectively. Forecast the skills required, and to understand the value of those skills, in delivering the business strategy; assess the skills of the organization in relation to the skills required; develop the learning strategies and content to deliver the skills transfer to your employees;manage the learning process to effectively transfer and deploy the skills at the right time and the right place; measure and evaluate the ongoing impact of skills growth on the business and on your people.

At Mentor Labs we make a point at looking at your staff as people. People with wishes, aptitudes and career aspirations. Equally important, an enterprise has its own strategies for success and growth. Mentor Labs recognize both the enterprise and the individual and work to deliver training that synergistically empowers both.